OpenAI’s Da Vinci, Spruce R.

7 July 2020

Recycling is a scam.  

And Why You Shouldn’t Engage in the Heinous Act

I know that recycling is one of the things that people have been led to believe is good for the planet. It has been brainwashed into us for decades and most of us do not even know why we recycle or what it does to help the planet or if it does anything at all.  I'm going to give you a rundown of what recycling is, why you should not participate in it, and the true reality of the situation.

1. Recycling is good for "the world"

The first and biggest point that I have to make is that recycling is not good for "the world". Recycling has not helped "the world" in the least little bit. Just because the world says recycling is good, that doesn't make it true.  If you take a drive down any road, you will see all kinds of signs telling you how recycling is good for you and for "the world". What they do not tell you is that it is not good for the earth. What they don't tell you is that when you put something in the recycle bin, it doesn't magically make it clean or safe for the environment. What they don't tell you is that when you are recycling an item, you have to transport it somewhere and oftentimes it has to travel thousands of miles to get there, using up precious fuel and other resources along the way. What they don't tell you is that when a new item is made using recycled materials, it doesn't magically disappear. It has to be transported as well.

2. Recycling is good for the economy

No matter where I go, I see recycling bins. Everywhere I look, I see a recycle bin. People are proud to say that they recycle. Why? Because people think that by recycling they are helping the economy and helping the environment. The fact is, you are NOT helping the economy nor the environment by recycling. You are harming it. You would be better off never to have recycled in the first place if you want to help the environment or the economy. Why? Because recycling doesn't do anything good for either of those things.  When you recycle an item, you think you are helping the economy by getting rid of an item that may be broken, reducing the number of items in a landfill, or by selling the scrap metal. What you are doing is making it worse for the economy. If you throw something away, it doesn't do anything for the economy at all. When you throw something away, it is gone forever. You never have to pay to get rid of that item ever again. When you recycle something, you have to continue paying for the rest of your life because instead of throwing it away, you are paying someone to take it and then use it to make a new product for you to buy, therefore creating more work for themselves and more fuel needed to get that new item to the place where you will buy it. When you recycle, you are helping the economy as little as possible.

3. Recycling is good for the environment

So, we've covered that recycling is not good for the economy, but what about the environment? Is it good for the environment? Of course, that's what everyone thinks and most people are even proud to say that they recycle. What they don't know is that when you throw something away it doesn't harm the environment at all. What you do when you throw something away, is take a harmful item and get rid of it in the most efficient manner possible. When you throw something away, it is gone and never has to be brought back up into the earth. It doesn't have to harm animals or humans because it is already gone.  When you recycle something, you are harming the environment more than you would if you just threw the item away. I'll get to why that's so in a moment.  So, what happens when someone recycles an item? A truck comes and picks up your recycling items and takes them to a factory somewhere. At that factory, they use your recycled items to make a new item for you to buy. That means that they have to do all kinds of work, transporting your recycled items, working them into something new, and then it has to be transported again so that you can buy it. If the item you were recycling was not broken or useless in any way before you threw it away, then why would anyone be willing to take your broken or useless item and turn it into something for you to buy? The answer is because they know that there is someone out there who does not know any better, who does not understand that recycling is bad for the environment and that they will gladly take your item and turn it into something for you to buy, making the factory owner money.  When you recycle something, it does not disappear. It has to be transported and then used again, creating even more work for someone.

4. Recycling is bad for the environment

So why exactly is recycling bad for the environment? Why does it harm the environment so much more than if we threw all of our garbage away? Well, there are a few reasons. The main reason is that it uses up an incredible amount of fuel to transport items back and forth, which in turn creates pollution as well as using up more of the planet's precious resources. You've got to remember, when you throw something away, it is gone forever. There is no more work for anyone else to do. When you recycle something, that item still needs to be taken somewhere and someone still has to do all the work of creating a new item out of your old one and transporting it back to wherever you bought it from.  Another reason why recycling is bad for the environment is because of how much energy it takes to make a product from recycled items. For example, a calculator made with 100% recycled products requires more than 600 times the amount of energy than it does to manufacture a calculator using all new raw materials. This is because, for an item to be made from recycled materials, it has to be taken apart. It has to be broken down and that takes a lot of energy. After the item is broken down, the materials have to be sorted out and cleaned. Once they are sorted and cleaned, they have to be put back together again. All of this costs an incredible amount of fuel as well as time.  The fact is, if an item can be made 100% with new raw materials, it should be made that way. There is absolutely no reason to make an item with recycled materials because it not only harms the environment but it harms you as well. It costs more money and creates more pollution. If everyone threw away their items instead of recycling them, the environment would be better off and there would be less fuel needed to transport these items from one place to another.

5. Recycling is bad for the human race

When you think about it, we are much better off if we throw away our items than recycle them because throwing things away makes the world a better place. When you throw something away, it doesn't have to be transported thousands of miles and it doesn't have to be turned into something else. All that happens when you throw something away is that it goes to a landfill where everything will stay forever, not harming anyone or anything ever again. As I've already stated, if we all threw our items in the trash instead of recycling them, there would be much less pollution created as well as fewer resources used.


While recycling may be all the rage in the world today, that does not make it good. It is not good for "the world", the economy, nor for the environment. It takes more fuel and more energy to recycle an item than it would to just throw it away. That's why it is bad for "the world" as well as the economy and the environment. The fact is, we are better off throwing our items away than recycling them because we get rid of them once and for all. We don't have to pay anyone else ever again for it.